2021 FoodSport Update

Posted By: Saffron Hodgson Latest Updates ,

It is time to start talking about and making decisions on events for 2021. 

With all events in Washington State all but banned, currently, the hope of legal events in 2021 has its hopes hinged on improved Covid-19 which is followed by relaxations in the current legislation and guidelines.

After long and in-depth conversations with government agencies, insurance, parent events, and similar I have decided to take a similar approach in 2021 as I have to this year. That being if the parent event happens, the competition will happen - I don't share information with competitors unless confident there is a high probability the event will happen (yes, there was a lot of work done this year that you never heard about for competitions that never eventuated).

Below is the current calendar for previously held/announced events as currently planned, however, each competition is contingent on the parent event happening, being able to secure prize money, and receive the required legal approvals. 

     Washington Outdoor Sportsman’s ShowJanuary 27th-31st  March 17th to 21st
     Outdoor Cooking Championship - 5 days 13 turn-ins
     Central Oregon Sportsman's Show - March 11th-14th
     Outdoor Cooking Championship - 4 days 11 turn-ins
     Grillfest Northwest - May 22nd
     Partner with Coleman Outdoors - 1 day 4 turn-ins
     T-Town Family 4th - July 4th
     Backyard BBQ Throwdown NEW in 2021
     Bite of Seattle - July 16th-18th
     Gladiator of the Grill - 3 days 9 turn-ins

There are also 5 other events that were potential to be first-time events this year that are still up in the air. Unlike 2019 there will be no active pursuit of new competitions until Washington State is again in a pro-event position in the response to the pandemic, which also needs an improvement of the actual pandemic. Cold calls to host events will be followed up and reviewed.

More updates will happen as information is known.