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Patrick Maddock

Patrick Maddock

Pat Maddock

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MADDOG'S BBQ: Grand Champs of the 2020 Washington State Sportsmans' Show Outdoor Cooking Competition and the Grilling Grand Champs for the same event! Saffron and Foodsport Consulting knocked this one outta the park. What an event! A five day ordeal, yes but one hell of a great event with large and interested crowds, excellent support and killer competition from the best in dutch oven mastery to heavy hitters from the pro BBQ tour, amazing steak cooks, game cooks and creative outdoor culinary skills all around. Do you have enough gas in your tank to go the whole way? You've got another chance coming up in Redmond, Oregon in March but it's only FOUR days...Ha! You can do that standing on your head. See you there!

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Pat Maddock Pat Maddock
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