Competition Policy

List of Terms and Conditions for participating in FoodSport Consulting Events

By registering for any event managed by FoodSport Consulting (trading name of Kesar Inc.), you agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below.

Waiver of Liability

In consideration of choosing to enter aFoodSport Consulting competition, class or event as evidenced by registration, I the participant and where applicable my team members, are legally bound hereby, forever release discharge and hold harmless...

  • FoodSport Consulting (trading name of Kesar Inc.) its directors, contractors, agents, and volunteers;
  • Relevant Sanctioning Body(ies), its officers and board members, event coordinators, judges, and volunteers;
  • Competition Location and Facilities, its owners, contractors, agents, and volunteers;
  • Where applicable, Parent Event, its agents, volunteers, and employees;

from any and all liability for damages, injuries, or loss of any type whatsoever which may arise directly or indirectly as the result of the operation of the foodsport competition.

I agree that my participation shall be at my own risk and expense; and that whatever goods, services, entertainment or any other lawful pursuit which I may provide or participate in, to any extent, is at my own free will, expense and exposure; and that this RELEASE is given of my own free will and accord.

Personal Release

I hereby grant full permission to FoodSport Consulting (trading name of Kesar Inc.), the location, and parent event and/or their agents authorized by them, to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings or other record of any competition, class or event for any legitimate purpose, including but not limited to publicity, copyright purposes, illustrations, advertising, web content and social media.

Competition Rule Adherence 

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the competition and understand FoodSport Consulting reserves the right to refuse entry, disqualify or take any action it sees appropriate when there is perceived to be a breach in the published rules.

Legal Adherence

I agree to adhere to the rules of the country, state, county, city, and venue. FoodSport Consulting is not held any way responsible for fines, invoices, citations or other response to your non-adherence to these. This includes but is not limited to alcohol, drug, health department, fire department, general legal, damage policies or similar.

Should you actions be so significant to impact the event as a whole, components of it or other parties attending it you acknowledge that you will be required to compensate the affected parties.

Financial Policies

I agree that no prize money will be paid out until a W9 is completed. Failure to provide this within 14 days will forfeit my prize money.

I acknowledge that prize checks are valid for 60 days only and if I fail to deposit it within this time I forfeit my prize money. 

Refunds will be issued at 85%. The refund will be made via check and issued post-event.